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The Beginning

The beginning of a new school year brings with it enormous amounts of energy, excitement, and even a little bit of uncertainty. Will the teacher like me? Will I get good grades? Are my friends from last year still going to be my friends? Will I make new friends? Will my child be happy and accepted? How will I pay for tuition? Will my child get an excellent education? Will the teachers be professional and supportive? Will the students learn the lessons I teach? Will the parents support me? Doubts and fears often plague us and keep us from being able to see the truth. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of childhood and to have less cares and responsibilities than I do now. We get caught up in the daily chaos of life and are unable to see how God has blessed us.

In the passage above, Jesus is saying the kingdom belongs to all people including children. We do not need to have the most knowledge or experience the world has to offer in order to one day reside in the Kingdom of God. This kingdom is for all of us. The cares of the world may plague us while we are here on earth but one day they will not exist. In the midst of the chaos we need to continuously remind each other and teach our children to stay focused on our Savior. May we remain faithful to God’s word and sacrament until the day comes when He will take us to his kingdom.

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