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December is always an exciting time on campus. There is a palpable buzz in our classrooms and in the sanctuary as we prepare for the Christmas celebration. We make Christmas cards and presents for families, learn about the prophecies of our Savior, gather food items and gifts for the needy, and give an extra amount of time and attention to our families as we reminisce about Christmases from the past. One of my favorite activities on the list here at school during this time is practicing for the Christmas Program. This year our program is titled “The Words of Christmas.” During our program the students retell the Christmas story while focusing on the special words of Christmas: Hope, Joy, Peace, and Praise.

*The HOPE of the prophets as they look for the promised Savior.

*The JOY of the parents as they look upon the Son of God.

*The PEACE of the angels as they announce Jesus who came to bring peace between God and mankind.

*The PRAISE of the Shepherds to God for all they had heard and seen.

The word that sticks out to me the most during our practices is JOY. This is probably because the little preschoolers are so cute as they exclaim, “How could there be any Christmas without Joy?” Right after that they sing out with a loud rendition of “I’ve Got The Joy Down In My Heart.” It’s true though. How could there be any Christmas without Joy? Sometimes it seems hard to “Get into the holiday spirit” but our Savior coming to earth to bring peace between God and mankind is the most joyful news we could ever hear. We listen to the Christmas story every year and sometimes we are not dazzled by it as much as we ought to be. This historical account is the most exciting, extraordinary event of all time! Our Savior has come to bring salvation to all of us! We were lost, in the dark, no hope, doomed, enslaved, in constant conflict with God and then, a Savior comes to bring salvation to all of us. JOY, HOPE, PEACE, PRAISE!

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