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A Private Christian Middle School

Academics – Atonement Lutheran School is an accredited school and we offer students the opportunity to study in core academic areas as well as electives.  Our students have access to laptops in each classroom to use as tools for study. 

Students are taught to be responsible, self-motivated scholars with a passion to learn about and understand the world and its people.  Our students participate daily in core subjects including Religion and weekly in various electives.  Each student participates in Music, Art, and Theater. We believe in a well rounded academic experience that will highlight each student's God-given talents. 

We are committed to small class sizes which enable teachers to customize their teaching to meet the needs of each student.  With small classes, each teacher is able to really get to know every student.  Your child will not be just another face in the crowd. 

Atonement Athletics –The athletic department of Atonement Lutheran School is committed to providing our students with the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of playing on a team sport. Our athletic teams prove that hard work and dedication produce success on the playing field and on the court. Beyond athletic success, the central point of the program is seeing our student-athletes represent the character of Christ. As we play, we want everyone watching to witness student-athletes who play with passion and purpose.

After School Program – We provide a daily after-school program where students can participate in outdoor and indoor activities, complete homework assignments, and enjoy free time. Daily and monthly rates available.

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