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Our Elementary Program Kindergarten-4th grade


Atonement Lutheran School provides the secure, nurturing environment that elementary school-age children need to explore and experiment. Our Christian-based programs strive to instill a life-long love of learning and a quest for knowledge among elementary school students from Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Academics – Our students receive instruction daily in the core subjects: Bible, reading, language arts, writing, mathematics, science, and history. All subjects are taught from a biblical perspective. This way of teaching provides meaning to all areas of life from God's word. 

Faculty – Atonements teachers are a vibrant, professional, dedicated group committed to providing excellence in education and ministry. Our teachers are experienced, qualified teachers with college degrees and valid teaching certificates. They are committed Christians who serve as excellent role models for students, encouraging them in both faith and learning.

Special Classes– A well-rounded education is what we strive for. We provide opportunities for each student to participate in Music, Art, and PE every week. Additionally, twice a year the students participate in theater plays and musicals. 

After School Program – Our program provides an organized environment where children engage in age-appropriate enrichment and recreation activities and are encouraged to complete their homework. Our committed staff understands that every child learns differently, so we allow students to have some flexibility in the order and choices of activities we provide for them. 

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