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​​​​​​Our Mission

Nurturing Seeds of Faith and Knowledge

Atonement Lutheran seeks to assist parents in the Northwest Valley as they raise their children to know and apply God’s Word and prepare them to live in the world successfully and in God’s Kingdom eternally.

Our Vision

Ever Christian, Atonement will inspire and empower every child, every day, to grow as a student and individual. We will achieve this by recruiting, retaining and developing the best faculty; prioritizing experiential learning; maintaining smaller class sizes; nurturing a culture where older students mentor younger students; and engaging families of diverse backgrounds. We will be the school of choice for families across Phoenix.

Our Core Values

1. Distinctly Christian Culture

Everything that we do and teach is rooted in the Christian faith and founded upon God's word. 

2. Committed to Excellence

We value hard work and a commitment to the best in all areas.  That’s why students receive opportunities to grow in academics, character, leadership, service, the arts, athletics, and their Christian faith. We believe in educating the whole child… mind, body, and spirit.

3. Fostering and Maintaining Relationships

We believe that we can be no more than the sum of our parts.  We value the partnership of the parents, students, and teachers who work on behalf of our school community.  Together, we’re committed to meeting the individual needs of every student, exactly where they’re at.

4. Developing a Legacy
We believe that it is our God-given responsibility to raise up this current generation and the generations to come to have a servants heart, to be a positive contributor of society, and to          inspire others to know and love the Lord.  


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